Chassis:  The chassis of the drive is made from a special ICI material to ensure virtually no resonance. This is a casted material, which has extremely good internal damping features, because of the added extras. We also use 3 LRP elements (Low Resilience Polymer) in our sub-chassis-construction, which decouples the plant level from the base on the one hand, and fights oscillation in the material on the other hand. When you compare these to metal spring constructions, there are no longer obnoxious material resonances of the spring or phenomenon’s of sway. The Base is connected to the table with three metal spikes. The setting up is uncomplicated and quick, because you only have to care about the horizontal adjustment; no additional adjustment necessary, like for example spring elements etc.

Platter:  The platter weights 5kg and is made from casted metacrylat. Its characteristics are very similar to the vinyl. During a very complex, temperature optimized process the platter gets drilled to its exact dimensions and afterwards follows the quenching and tempering of the surface. This process prevents stress in the material, which would affect the acoustic qualities. By using the plane platter profile we reach a big matching between vinyl and platter. Furthermore, resonance diffuser in the inner area of the platter eliminates the well known material resonances in massive plastics platter in the area between 9 kHz and 13 kHz.

Bearing:  The rotation-center of the platter is a ceramic ball in the middle of the inversed bearing. Both, bearing bush and vertical axis are made from multiple hardened steel. Accurate selection and very little tolerance guarantee a perfect, noiseless operation and long lifetime. All moving parts are supplied with a very thin but very good greasing special oil from a oil reservoir at the bearing base. Due to the massive body and the special geometry of the bearing, our platter bearing doesn’t tend to oscillate like most of the other. That is proven by objective measurements we made with the pulse measuring process. Pulses at different areas on the platter are dying out consistent and without excessiveness. An important advantage of inverted bearings is their high fulcrum, which minimizes tilting and commuting.

Motor unit:  The core of the drive is a DC motor with LSC (Linear Speed Controller), which runs without jerk, mounted mechanically isolated in the drive chassis. An outsourced switching power supply is used for the demand on power, which could produce 50 times more current than needed.


A  very thin string made from a duplex material carries the power from the pulley to the platter. You can switch electronically between 33 rpm and 45 rpm. In addition, you can fine tune each speed separately. Therefore we use padder with a gearbox 1:25..

Technical facts

Dimensions (WxDxH): 470 x 370 x 130 mm
Overall weight: 18 kg
Platter weight: 5 kg
Platter diameter: 320 mm
Bearing: Inverted steel/ceramic with oil reservoir
Drive: DC-Motor with LSC


33/45 rpm electronic adjustable with fine tuning
Power supply:
external switching power supply
Tonearms 9" bis 10,5"
Guaranty: 3 Years

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